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2016 Positive Change Effie Award Winners Announced

Two cases have been awarded in this year's Positive Change Effie Awards Competition.  

At Home With Ra
North America Category
Client: SolarCity
Agency: Arnold Worldwide 

The We Compost Weekend
Asia Pacific Category
Client: We Compost
Agency: DDB New Zealand

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Award Overview

The Positive Change Effie Awards recognize and celebrate the most effective marketing programs that have measurably shifted audience behavior toward more environmentally sustainable choices, and/or grown demand for more sustainable products and services by incorporating sustainability as a part of their marketing communications.

The program was piloted in North America & Europe in the first year and will expand to Asia Pacific in 2016 in collaboration with the APAC Effie Awards.

Efforts entered must have one core strategic objective to be to change the behavior its audience towards more environmentally sustainable choices. Sustainability must be a part of the marketing messaging. A clear set of KPIs must be provided, and all data and claims must cite verifiable sources. Entrants should address how the sustainability goal relates back to the overall brand strategy.

Criterion for this award is the result of behavior change toward more sustainable choices, with these elements being considered in judging:

- Awareness – Making your audience aware of a sustainable product, service or action
- Trial – Trying the sustainable product or service for the first time
- Product / Service Substitution – Switching to a more sustainable product/service
- Change in Use – Using a product/service more sustainably than before

Three Categories:
- Positive Change Asia Pacific – Any case that ran in Asia Pacific that meets the definition can enter.
- Positive Change Europe - Any case that ran in Europe that meets the definition can enter.
- Positive Change North America - Any case that ran in North America that meets the definition can enter.

  • Call for Entry
  • First Deadline
  • Second Deadline
  • Final Deadline
  • Final Extended Deadline
  • Judging Round 1
  • Judging Round 2
  • Announcement of Results
Entry Submission is now closed


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